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Seieki: Volume 1

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The first chapter in a five part anime epic. In 2510 after the fall of civilization the world has only just now started to reach the level of technology of the Renaissance, but a new dark age has begun under the reign of an evil king. But one youth may have the answer to the world's problems.

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Wow, what a good trolling!!!

Good work

Still better than the time I saw Winger live.

Shit was epic.


dexter's laboratory nice haven't see that film clip in ages

Presentation is Key...

While I do find the choice of loop rather amusing, I think presentation need a lot of work. I realize it's meant to be a joke of making a mini-series before jumping to the loop. But really, this could be much funnier with a real effort to lead up to the loop than just lie about what the movie is going to be.

Because it is a good loop. I let it run for at least 10minutes.