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FAUX - trailer

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This is a trailer for the web series FAUX.

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Great as always but where are the original episodes?! I've been trying to find them for ages!!

Very nice animation here

And so the portal always has alot of shiny like flashes, And you never really know whats what, But I am glad that your flash is the real deal, It has a true shine and glow. Awsome piece here with some great visuals and even better animating seemed a tad bit short and could use some form of dialog, but maybe those are things you can work on. Ok well this is pretty obvious that you have put the effort fourth, It was a pleasent and Refreshing experience of a flash and you must of had a great experience in making this aswell so nice job there aswell, I just hope to see more flash works like this from you soon, but anyways untill then keep up the decent and unique work, oh and great flash it was amusing.

I guess there is alot of things that could be done with this, for improving, And I dont want to be the one of bad news with suggestions so I hope you take my suggestions in a positive way and not in a negitive way. But what I take away from this film would be, a tad bit short and could use some form of dialog, among other things it was pretty good.


I enjoyed the introduction to the movie.

Three words...

I cant wait i cant wait icant wait i cant wait i cant wait i cant wait...
oops i just make plenty of it hehe

This is how you introduce a movie