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Dog Bone

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***EDIT*** ------ OMG Front Page?!? Thank you Tom!

*Edit* ------ Wow, Daily first!?! Thank you everyone!

This was my final project for one of my classes called Advanced Video and Motion Graphics. This project pushed me far beyond any other assignments I have done in the past. I did all the frame by frame character animation in Photoshop and made the backgrounds in Illustrator. I imported all the files into after effects to do the animation and finished the sound in final cut. It was a lot of fun to work on but definitely tested my patience at times. I hope you enjoy my attempt at an old traditional cartoon!

ps. Thanks Tom for increasing my Uploading limit!

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That dog can not live without a bone.
Lol good job.


at the fist part it looks like he was shiting

Great job

Understanding the video description, thank you for the flash animation. It wassmooth and funny to the point. At some times in life, this really happens. 10/10


ahh true love hay whate whares my bone


Heh funny and shows to us we need to fight for what we want.Like freedom or icecream lol