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This is just a teaser to an animation I partially completed for my 2008 media production assignment. I wasn't completely satisfied with the final submission and wanted to improve and extend it before uploading it on the net.
However, I became preoccupied with Uni life (or I just got lazy XD) and never finished it sooner like I initially planned.

I now hope to continue this animation as having part of it on the interwebz is likely to motivate me again ^^

Any feedback will be appreciated,

Just thought I would throw in a few more points of info:
- The story begins with re-emphasising important elements within each of Sonic and Mario's game worlds and their differences. After the switch between each others worlds, they both need to overcome these foreign elements they're not used to.
- I won't lie, I definitely was inspired by Alvin-earthworms SMBZ, and I'm aware of the hundreds of other Sonic/Mario cross overs out on the web.
- However, I believe my animation takes a different spin on this aspect that is heavily influenced from my early-life experiences with these two video-game icons. There are small amounts of action scenes, but they are not the focus.
- Over 90% of the animation was completed by the end of 2008 (when I submitted it as a Media assignment), I just need to get off my lazy a$$ and finish it.
- Its currently about 15mins long
- This will not be a series. It already has an ending.
- The teaser is a scene that happens roughly half way through the animation.
- And just to reiterate, this teaser was primarily released to motivate me to complete the real thing, now knowing that part of its released to the public (and its working! ^^)

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its a little short

its short but good ps how long until its finishd

Nice teaser - now we wait for the movie

Some of the others here mentioned already that there are a lot of Sonic / Mario Crossovers on NG, with SMBZ on the top. So the main idea is a bit overused, sadly.

But, nonetheless, I like your teaser, and if the story is as good as it sounds in your comment, it's definitely worth a watch!
Well, I wait for the final flash for a final vote, for now I'll gave ya 7 stars.
Oh, and enjoy the Uni. Great time in life, if you ask me ;-)


Mario and Sonic best combination ever!

I loiked it...

It was way to short though so hopefully you will make a real episode not a teaser. My only gripe is that its going to be another SMBZ clone. Please don't do this. You will be forever compared to that movie just for using these characters together. If i were you i'd go your own way. Don't make the fighting dbz style.

But from what i could tell it seems Mario will now be inthe sonic world and sonic in mushroom kingdom. If thats the case it has alot of potential. Who is behind the swap? How will mario fair against dr eggman? How will sone do vs bowser. How will mario be greted by the likes of knuckles and shadow. Good stuff now don't let us down with another smbz clone

Lizam4 responds:

Haha, well I feel great now for not choosing action elements and battle scenes as the focus of the animation XD
But yeah, I've tried my best not to make it a SMBZ clone (however I'm a big fan of Alvin Earthworms work)

And your spot on with the story! But your going to have to wait to find our the answers to those questions.

Thanks heaps for your input. You have definitely made me not regret the direction I've gone with the animation!

i agree with teejay

the mario-sonic cross over thing is REALLY common in sprites. if you want to do a sprite animation, i recommend at least changing the characters..... i mean the bar has been set pretty damm high for sonic-mario sprite animation with "super mario bros. Z"

Lizam4 responds:

Way too late for me to change characters, haha. I've always loved the idea of Sonic and Mario together since I was young (I jumped for joy when I found out Sonic was announced for super smash bros brawl XD).

I know its hard to see, but I've never had the intention to compete with SMBZ, despite being inspired somewhat by it.


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