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Originally, I hadn't uploaded this to the portal, because I thought it was shitty, and Nyan-Cat is stupid. However, not submitting it here was kinda pointless, because there's tons of spam to go around. Anyway, try not to puke, and If you do, send pics!

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This is pretty much the best video I've saw in my entire life.

I know what they are saying without song

Girl: i believe i can fly!!!! so i can fly!! i fly high in the sky!!! Boy:how do i fly!!!
Nerd:i am a herd!!!! oh yaahhh still a nerd everyday!!
Normal girl that isnt hyper:boring boring boring ohh!! the end of letter say free cookies!!!




That's the first Nyan Cat flash I did not tried to blame, after one second of watching. Still, I gave it 3/5. Why?

+ cute, short animation
+ no loop!

- Nyan Cat