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Hello everyone!
This is a trailer for a game ( called Ed SnowBall Adventures ) I've been working on for about 3 weeks, and it's only about 5% done!
This trailer also comes along with a nifty FAQ about the game. :)

Also, DON'T BE SHY! Leave a review! I respond to all of them!

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Hardly any flaws I see so far. Epic black dude is epic. And about the death animations, how many are you making? Is this going to be like, Dead Space grade deaths? I love games with tons of different death animations.

Can't wait till it's out.

DannyDaNinja responds:

All will be revealed when it's out.
And the Epic black dude will be a total badass epic guy :D

looks legit enough

and of course there has to be a black guy haha, make him badass

DannyDaNinja responds:

Yup, he's so badass he doesn't need to walk. He just hovers above the ground.

Looks good.

Can't wait to see it. :D

DannyDaNinja responds:

I'll give you a pm when it's out then :)


Looks good , So when will it be out? Oh and is it a game or a animation?

DannyDaNinja responds:

You should read the FAQ and Author Comments :P

It's a game, and it's out when it's done.

Better than expected.

I thought the zombies looked quite well (at least better than I can make them), and the FAQ was quite funny. The FAQ had useful questions, at least the things I wanted to know. Make sure you make somewhat of a story in your game though, because the concept isn't too original, and there are enough ''kill all zombies'' games. Its always great to have a funny ''death by zombie'' animation too, for if you die.

I'm looking forward to lots of upgrades and zombie kills!

DannyDaNinja responds:

There will be a lot of different death animations, depending on when, where and how you die. The story line will evolve as the game goes on, and at one point you'll find your survivor group tasked with finding a cure. And no upgrades sorry :'(

Oh, and thanks for writing such a massive review! :)

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3.82 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2011
2:52 AM EDT