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i did this project with the help of my class mate jazlaan... for our Environment day.
Thnx Ryan Huebinger for his Music (Which i enjoy alot.. Take alook at his music's its awesome)

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Decent enough flash.

Although I dont neccisarily agree with the idea you were trying to get across (The earth has been around for 4 billion years, we have been industrialized for only around 500. The earth will shake us off like a bad case of fleas before we become anything more than a "minor annoyance". Or, at least that's my take on it.) I liked the animation and sound well enough, but I cant bring myself to give it over a 5 simply because of lack of content. Now I dont mean to be downing you, but if you really broke your back to make a high quality flash (and I think your capible of it, just from looking at what you did produce) I would be willing to give it a 9 or a 10- regardless of the environmental message.

Now that I got all the negitivity out, here comes the praise: way to many people today walk around covered in a shroud of apathy. It's nice to see that you'r not like that, that you actually stand behind a cause. Even though the average environentalist annoyes me to some extent, I think their a damn sight better than the people that waste their time on this planet doin jack shit. If you dont stand for sometning, you'll fall for anything.

ToxicAcid responds:

I enjoy reading long reviews :)

i got your point also your opinion.

thnk you

You know..

It severely irks me when people draw eatrth and they don't really bother to make it look like earth.

ToxicAcid responds:

if everything should be so real i have to place the clouds.. the trees.. etc.. of real pics... exegerate is also a principle in animation.. so i tried to exegerate.. and never even mentioned its earth or not.. but il keep ur point in mind.. thnx :)

7 is now10 to offset the douchbag who left a 0...

Your flash is ok, kinda short. I think it almost gets your point across, not quite. Some mixed messages with the nuclear cooling towers.
The 0 review below is just an example of the level of ignorance in the world. It is a shame that he is in good company with most of the leaders of the world and oil company executives.
Wow, the crap that spews from ignorant mouths sometimes.
I bought an SUV just to spite those hippy tree huggers!?!?!? Unbelievable! lol
Oh, and the reactors at Fukushima are in way worse shape than western media has told anyone. It's worse than Chernobyl! Nuclear power is only as good as the companies running them. TEPCO sucks!


Environmentalism, the global warming/cooling myths, saving the earth, etc...

It is all a fad, and an irritatingly unintelligent one at that. The EPA needs to be shut down as they are stifling the economic and industrial growth of our nation. Honestly, I drive an SUV because I can afford it and feel the need to offset all the environmentalist activities. I have to give you no stars and a 0/5 on this simply out of principle. Grow up dude.

ToxicAcid responds:

il let u know when i get young again (if its possible)


Ok, I'm gonna be the douche-bag that bags on your animation. It was a good animation, but like others it was just a fluff piece that didnt' really address any issue, what's causing it or how to fix it. You've got nuclear silos spilling out ... toxic fumes ... and polluting the water. Nuclear energy is actually one of the cleanest sources of energy we have. The stuff billowing out of the silos is steam. The leftover rods are easily contained. We've been hard on it lately, though, b/c even it is prone to natural disasters and careless oversight.

I'll spell out the real danger in why polluting our planet is bad. First, humans are egotisical, and think the world revolves around them. But, in reality, we are merely products of our environment. The Earth has been here for millions of years, and we evolved to survive in the environment it provided. However, our ability to alter the environment at drastic speeds is far greater than our ability to adapt/acclimate to a new environment.

If we keep altering the Earth's environment, it will be ok. The Earth is an environment, and it can withstand alteration; it has through-out the course of time, from when it was nothing but bubbling lava beds to a sea-covered world to an ice age to now. However, the various species that live on the world at certain times ... can't change fast enough. WE can't change fast enough. The world will be ok if its environment changes, but WE won't. As time has passed, the Earth's environment has altered so drastically NATURALLY that many species became NATURALLY extinct. Today, we're altering our environment so drastically UNNATURALLY that we have the potential to UNNATURALLY make ourselves extinct. And the a-hole thing about it is we'll make tons of other species extinct as collateral damage for our carelessness.

So, overall, the Earth doesn't care if we pollute or not. Eventually, we will make an environment that no longer supports us, and as evolution takes place, other species will adapt to be able to fit into that environment better than us...and we will become extinct as a new caretaker of the world rises up in our place as the dominant species.... and we will be but a footnote in the Earth's history.

ToxicAcid responds:

wow.. thnx for the response. specially when some one spend some time on my work to review :).. thnx

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