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Weiner Resigner

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Weiner's resignation speech from 6/16/11. The crowd was nuts.

Thanks for frontpage Newgrounds! Cartoon was a quick turn-around from the Thursday afternoon speech. The media seems to be done with it already. Felt bad making it, he showed class when those turds disgraced him even further. Probably one of very few Weiner cartoons out there.

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It's hard to believe he is still in the news for this behavior.


Woah, you made two submissions in a year that feature hot dogs! It's interesting to see how consistent you are depicting meats. This really got good at the end when the Kool-Aid Man came in and he was thrown out the window. At first I thought it might be a knockoff of "Family Guy" but certainly had some original ideas. It's also great when people make topical flashes. It's cool because you can look back and see what the world was like a couple of months ago.

I was expecting some funny thing at the end, but not this outrageous! It was great to see some cool references to previous cartoons you had made, like with a guy dressed as a burger. It's also neat that you used Weiner's actual speech for this. He will go down in history as having one of the most unfortunate names of all time. It's not nice to ejaculate on other people like that, especially children.



cheap laugh

Some parts too damn slow and other parts too damn fast, you relied on speedy delivery of some cliche jokes to get some cheap laughs, and your rating is high simply because of the general agreement to the message delivered from this flash, even if it's done in a mediocre and crude way.

Way to get original, but I'll recognise your efforts for trying.


I agree with Jarvin you kinda ripped off Family Guy but I give you a A for effort because the animation and audio