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Sean and Such Ep. 7

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Episode seven of Sean and Such. Sean and Joe help a peculiar customer with a bird. But to no surprise, Sean's sale falls short when the stores products show their true quality.

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well, I suppose that the flash uses the a3 which is why the audio is badly synchronized and that it has some errors in the animation, I suppose!!!

Well designed good work

it would have been funny if they both beat that old man up!

Nicely done once again. I love the detail on that finch its absolutely hilarious! The voice acting is great as always. I just can't believe I'm half way through the episodes. I'm not going to sleep until I watch all of your stuff :D

After the major improvement in the previous episode I expected a lot more from this one, but you seemed to take a massive step back both in quality of animation and the plot. The plot was very simplistic. A customer wants to buy a bird but everything in the pet shop is falling apart and useless. You just seemed to repeat the same joke over and over and the movie felt very drawn out as a result of it.

The flash is still missing a preloader, play button and replay button. Once more, the pillars look out of place in the intro due to them being the only objects with any depth to them. An apostrophe was missing from the title again as well. Though I guess this may be deliberate and just your style.

There was still no depth to any of the scenes. Pretty much everyone was face on. You had a couple of shots with diagonals during the scene in the aisle, but you still had everything flat rather than adding depth to it.

Once more there was barely any animation and the little that you did have was terrible. The birds being fairly still in the background was acceptable, as they mostly just sit on their perches anyway. Seeing small head movements was nice as it stopped them from being too still, but they were still animated in a rather jerky fashion. The characters arms and heads jumped from one pose to the next, completely missing the important animation in-between to make the movement look more natural. On the few occasions where you didn't jump position you simply motion tweened rather than re-drawing. Perhaps this was better than your usual position jump, but it looked too robotic and far from natural. Some frames of animation seemed to be missing as well when Sean dropped the pieces of paper in the customer's arms and when the customer dropped everything on the floor. They seemed to move too much between frames which looked too jumpy.

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4.35 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2011
7:29 AM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place June 17, 2011