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Happiness is a warm gun

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%u3010 This annimation has no sound %u3011

there's a challenge on deviantart called « 100 theme challenge»... the 29th one is called happiness...the only thing i say in my head is : Happiness is a warm gun (the beatles) «Mother superior jump the gun,Mother superior jump the gun....»
FUNFACT!!!! Did you know that the gun she holds is actual guns ? look : http://tjscustomgunworks.
com/Photos5/HelloKitty_ra wtailDSC_5065b-1024.jpg

Emo girl (named Audrey) : me
Leon Scott Kennedy : Capcom
Hello Kitty : Sanrio
Sig Sauer P226 : Sig and Sauer


not bad

not bad on your art and stuff...But the looks of it I think you have a bunch of still image shots flicking past. Thats, not really the best way to work with flash. My I suggest converting the image sequence into a move file (can be done using After Effects).
This way the frame rate wont lag so much on our end. However don't stop there keep up the great work, I can see a lot of potential in your work.
PS...was I watching a porno or something xD

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evilblackcat13 responds:

ok!! i'll take your suggestions.... and no... you weren't watching porn...

Frantic Cameraman.

You can draw. I tell you that. The art is the best thing about this. What's kind of odd is that the screen keeps bobbing up and down. If you used paint or something for this, it would be kinda tricky to keep the screen still when switching frames. For that, its easier to draw out everything first, then just switch the mouth movement without altering the screen. for moving objects, like a car, keeping a constant steady movement would be harder. There are free animation software online that you can use also. I have 2 =) one for storyboarding, and the other for the animation.

Also, this could use sound. =)

Keep at it

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evilblackcat13 responds:

Thanks alot!

i know there's no sound.. it's because i don't have voice actors ^^; (even thow the girl is supossed to have my voice i i would get the comment "what a lame voice the girl has"

2 : i'm experianting annimation with photoshop , imagerwady and flash... for now.. i did static animation (seen on my deviant art page )


One major thing. Sound. Where is it?

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evilblackcat13 responds:

there's none... for now...

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Jun 12, 2011
9:35 PM EDT