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Mugen Infanite Chronicals

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Author Comments

I was getting a little tired with this. I mean school is kicking my ass right now. but i have managed to complete this animation. I always loved sprite animations. now i finally got it down packed.
So I hope you enjoy.

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Not bad, but there is room for improvement

The choreography, while technically sound, seemed to lack a degree of hard-hitting ferocity. It was colorful and quick, yes, but it didn't look like any of it really HURT. It all went by too quickly. You shouldn't just stab. Take the time to twist, as well.

Personally, I don't think that interrupting action scenes for frivolous dialogue is a good practice. Once punches start flying, the time for textual banter is over. It just serves as an interruption at that point. If you have a particular feeling or thought you'd like to express, do it physically using body language if possible. That's just one of my nitpicky pet peeves and is purely subjective. Feel free to disregard.

As for the presentation, you should zoom in a whole lot more. Resize your stage floor area if need be. The entire fight took place on the lower third of the screen. Your action should always be somewhere near the center. It obviously doesn't have to be exact, but you at least want to try to match the screen position found in the source games if not more centered. If the issue with that is that your vcam can only go so far down before it shows blank space under the stage, then scrap the pre-existing stage sprites and build one yourself. Either that or find a thicker floor.

Also, your menus are a bit buggy. I had to click around a LOT to get your bios and other extras features to work.

Your preloader looked pretty sweet, though. Kudos for that.


not so bad

The thing about this flash that really brings it down is that there is no story. Two guys just get magically transported somewhere and one guys like Im gonna kik ur ass. I mean I'm sure you could go on to say someones transporting these people to have themselves a little tournament but I mean that's been done so many times before and it's never good. The sprite fighting was good though well animated, I mean I found it boring, but that's just me I don't like that unrealistic bouncing allover the place stuff. Either put some story in or don't have story at all, just don't have a lame peice of story that's going on here. Also that cliffhanger was really lame considering the short length of the film. I'm sure u just got tired of making this and threw it together, but just keep making more.

Koblivian responds:

If you read the bio's of the characters you will find out there story

ya know...so they wont just be coming through random portals.

Pretty sweet!

Looks and sounds good. Would like to see more.

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2011
4:50 PM EDT