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First warrior battle on AnimatorX.net

Static: Electricity control


Slatch: Demon, soul eater

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The animation was rather poorly, not long at all and they seemed sorta stupid cuz when that black guy (Who i'd say is a rip off from auditor) dodged that yellow ball he just stood there on the ground looking at that pickle's boner and waiting for the ball to come back. And when he spots it, he just looks at it for like 10 seconds without moving at all.

Not really hard to make and you need to improve.

P.S. You used too many of the same sounds too. And used them wrong.

I'm sorry to say that I dont really see anything in this, tho I hope you'll get better and not just end up like gabriel barsch.

P.S.S You need a preloader too.

Kinda funny.

When he says "I have three words for you... Up yours chump!" You should have left it at "Up yours!" Which was only two words, that would have been funnier.

aaaaaaawwww i see a future!

you got creativity. i can tell you'll get better in the future. HOWEVER, this animation is not that good..... keep working ;)

No too bad.

The animation and story need a lot of improving, but I can tell you're probably new to flash as far as an author. And I can always appreciate the hard work that goes into flash like these, so you get an 8.


short , funny , and not the best graphics.
LOL counter strike?