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1 man rising part 1

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there's unlockables Go to X-tras

this video contains sound that overblast your headphones or your stereo with no sound

weapons didn't unlock

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The hell was this?

It made no sense at all. The animation was crappy, but that's alright. The music, that was great. The music was good. The story was a piece of shit. A guy is in some place, walking some place, he randomly finds a gun, he randomly falls somehow, then somehow magically ends up some place and some guy somehow appears. I also thought this was too short. Try harder next time, make a better story, work on the animation and keep the good music.

Mace121 responds:

ah, fuck it. You're right.... but who cares. And don't ask why I re-edited this response because FML
...happy now. i used TGF2NG


im going to be 100% honest with you and im not going to use words that will hurt you to much.It wasn't good i thought that was bad.Dont get sad ok dont worry its with practice and repetition people get good.Better your writing skills animation skills and drawing skills and you will go far.Never get sad with bad feedback read it and then try to make things people didn't like look better or sound better because thats how we learn we learn by making mistakes and trying to correct does mistakes.Remember the path in becoming a really skilled artist is never going to be rainbows unicorns and gumdrops.

Im going to give you a 5 for your hardish work in this flash and i hope you learn something from all this.If you didn't its because your not serious about being an artist/animator.WOW 8mb that is big

Mace121 responds:

u should see JAZZA's his MB's are bigger than mine.
ahh shit i made a mistake in X-tras, cuz the weapons is supposed to unlock. ok i'll make it up to you, buddy i'll find some enviroment artist that suits me. :P