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Lost Heart, Found Danger

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Thanks to everyone who helped me make this possible! Namely Ty Bucek, Jeff Lupetin, Kevin Czarnecki and Katelyn Foley. Without you guys there is no way this would have been nearly as good as it is!

This is my submission for the Tournament of Flash Animators (TOFA) 2011 First Round. The theme was "Lost and Found". I decided to go with a stylized Noire not only because it fits the theme so well, but because I've been wanting to do something involving detectives ever since I finished watching Twin Peaks, and just recently beating L.A. Noire certainly helped fuel that some more.

This is my first animation working with professional voice actors and not lending a voice myself. You may all know Kevin Czarnecki here on Newgrounds, his name seems to get around alot. He is one of my friends from College and was happy to lend a hand, he also found Katelyn Foley for me, who had just the most perfect voice for this! Jeff Lupetin is a veteran when it comes to voice acting, he's starred in Radio Dramas and video games (like "Red Faction" and more cult notably, Hideo Kojima's "Snatcher".) Ironically, I met Jeff and Kevin in the same place, as Jeff was my Voice Acting for Animation teacher.

Hope you enjoy!

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Very unique story. Love the voices.

your best work indeed!
i hope you make more things like that again someday

Brains beat Bronze. BLOOD LUST OVER EVERYTHING. Nothing better than an old Drug King Pen story. Art work was top notch except for that women I think her name was Gi Gi the animation was off a little. Her voice was a bit annoying. Anyway Gi Gi was a slut from the start I knew she was going to set up the Detective.

I loved this. The story was interesting, the animation was top-notch, and the voice acting was excellent. I'd like to see more of Vic Aces... assuming he didn't bleed to death.

ScaredyDave responds:

Oh, I dont think Vic Aces could be taken down that easily ;)

Super story

Its been a long time since I have wrote a comment for a great video ..

well this is it - one very well made video.

Keep up, I love it !