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Up, Up, And Away!

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Author Comments

Play as Ball and escape Earth!

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really fun and simple, id like to see more. i think the controls could be a bit better, but it has charm.

YukonW responds:


Meh. Didn't kill me. Definitely doesn't make my favorites.

YukonW responds:

Yeah, not my favorite either. Thanks for the review!

a short, yet boring game

the game itself is a pretty simple platformer, with simple goals: just keep on jumping till the top

the controls are really simple and easy, however, there is a major flaw that when you jump and push against a block, it stops, and the ball falls. also, the blocks' position are really repetitive with almost no challenge whatsoever

there is no story, and it makes you guess all the way until you reach the end and be disappointed with the ending

overall, i think it could be a lot better if the controls(sticky blocks) are fixed, more variation on levels, and better story

YukonW responds:

I understand that the game isn't that great, and I'll type it again, this game is a learning experience, and I am using what I learned to make better games!

I Really Liked

How You Made The Game Simple And Easy... Keep Up With The Great Work!

YukonW responds:

Thanks for the review!

What the Hell dude?

I must have gotten stuck 20 times against a block I would jump towards then stick to it as if I were friggin spiderman. Also boring game with a really disappointing ending. The music was annoying and the game would have been way to easy were it not for me sticking to blocks everytime I jumped. Fix the sticking problems and maybe put a story in the game next time

YukonW responds:

Yes, I understand that Up, Up and Away was not my best game, It was poorly thought of, quickly made, and not greatly tested... But I feel that I learned from this experience, and using what I learned I now know how to make better games.