The Evolution of MCAST

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Edit 2: FRONT PAGED?! Thanks a lot Tom!! First time getting front paged feels amazing :D Cheers again!!

Note: Even though the style is quite commercial, this animation is NOT an advertisement for the college :)

This is the final animation I produced for my Animation Techniques assignments, where I had to present the evolution of the college through the ages in a short cartoon. The animation's mainly made with Flash yet the final scene's modeled and rendered in Cinema 4D and After Effects.

I worked closely with Mick Lauer for Voice Acting, who i'd like to thank once again, who lent his voice talent for this project!

Edit 1: Thanks for daily 3rd!

For those asking, MCAST is Malta's College for Art, Science and Technology - it's basically the abbreviated name of the college ;p

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i thout MCAST was a test for MA? i like the video tho its pritty good

Where do i sign up?

Naa just kidding. A nice flash though.

Now thats what I call Awesome

All I can say is that even tho it is short it packs a punch. The animation was great and the characters were cool too, they remind me of Chibi too. Well done

very well done i believe

I really liked this. Yes its very commercial and seems to be a promo for the learning institute but its professionally done.

Not something funny like i expected aha but definitely well done.

Good Job sir.

~Maian out~

excellently animated infomercial

However it was quite stuffed; at least too stuffed to get all infos the first time for a non-native English speaker. I think it would have been better if 1 or 2 sentences would have been scrapped, even if that seems painful at first (I guess you did that already with a lot of possible information pieces).

Apart from that: fitting music, animation, voice audio and content arrangement.

BoMbLu responds:

Yes, only half of my original narration text survived the final draft, there's only much one can fit into a minute :/

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Jun 7, 2011
2:57 PM EDT