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Aaj 2: Testicle Trouble

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Author Comments

A glimpse of what to expect in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super series.

Staring voice artists Edwyn Tiong (Omahdon) and Tori Kamal.

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Randomly amusing

Ok so this was kinda interesting, and a little bazar with the BDSM but that was also kinda good aswell, The "ANIMATION" could be smoother and flow alot better then it was, kinda hurt the characters aswell, and as for the characters they are pretty good but, the animation needed to be better. The "CAT GIRL" was nice and sexy and was interesting as her character develops, The shampoo scene was pretty funny though, but i like how it all panned out and you did give it some sorta humor wich was a plus for me so nice job there, maybe work on the size just a bit.but anyways good job i liked it.keep up the good work

So first of all the animation can flow better and more smoother, The size of this seemed abit large could be the reason why it did take forever to load.

Loved it

Good voice quality, great idea, very funny.Saw it a lot of times. Added it to favourites. I can't believe it didn't gain any prize. Good job, man! Great movie

How, uh, ballsy

I'm so glad that I'm beginning to recognize Omahdon's voice. It's amazing how you guys have all become so prolific. It's been awhile since I watched the other episode, so it's nice to see how this series goes along. I think the only thing I didn't like was the animation, which needs work. I still felt for the characters, especially that catgirl. It must be nice to be in a relationship where you openly use BDSM or whatever.

Wait, if it was all a scam, then how come it worked on his balls? Whatever the reason, it's a fairly funny cartoon. It's weird how he was able to put the shampoo on his balls while still wearing pants. It was overall fairly random and unpredictable. Thank you for making it so that guy with the annoying voice was only there briefly.

A long awaited miracle

This deserves way more than it's current score. It's awesome. lol

never ending twilight

for the good sake of human kind, let us bring the fact that you might do it......
and then I was brain dead.

but let's keep that besides.
the AAJ show 2 is funny and god looking.
voice and animation is great n_n
it even has an auto-tune with at least 64 jokes!

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

May 31, 2011
4:27 PM EDT