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HEY!! It's me, Tom.

So here's a weird idea: it's a timeline of shit that happens in videogames. I thought it'd be funny, the idea came from all the Sega Megadrive games that predict dumb shit to happen in 1999 or 2010. Like Two Crude Dudes or Smash TV.

It's totally a work-in-progress, so TELL ME SOME MORE IN THE REVIEWS!!!!!!! Or PM me. THEY HAVE TO BE ACCURATE THOUGH, I'm not adding shit you think might be right, that throws off the whole thing.

and hey don't worry, this doesn't take any time out of THE GAME I'M MAKING: NO TIME TO EXPLAIN, COMING SOON FROM tinyBuild.com WHICH YOU SHOULD TOTALLY CHECK OUT, BETA DROPPING IN THE NEXT COUPLE DAYS, THANKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THE KICKSTARTER SUCH A SUCCESS IT WAS VERY SURPRISING, because they literally take like 20 seconds to add. I just paste it in and add an image off Google.

Anyway yeah, contribute n I'll get around to building it up!

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Waita moment....

BCE isn't meaning before Christ... 8000 BCE is STILL future to us, I thought? I was under impression that Warhammer 40k uses DIFFERENT calendar... It is like marking Battle for Yavin here...
Good thing, still. But needs:
-stable year axis (years numbers written in the background, for orientation)
-one more zoom level (1995-2010 is still hard to browse even on biggest zoom)
-more cyberpunk and scif/fi games, to fill the blank spaces in XXI - XXIII centuries (may I suggest Star Trek games? There were lot of them...)
Some medieval/mythic themed games would be nice, as WW2. Also, DeusEx?

Nice start

Looks good for a Work in Progress. Can't wait to see more beeing added.

@ ancientsurvivor: Shadowrun timeline starts depending on point of view in 1999 (legalisation of armed corptroops) or 2011 (the awaking). Current year of play is 2072 (4th edition PnP). Btw there have been some Shadowrun videogames. Latest is a shooter named "Shadowrun".

Could get very interessting ...

So if you allready start with WH40k and end with it (and I ave to say most hobbyists don't know when the God Emperor was born...), you could add the years in M41 from DoW 1/2.
X-BtF/Tension, X2, X3/X3-Reunion
Assassins Creed 1/2/Brotherhood
Earth 2140
Earth 2150 (though they totally screw our planet in that one (it being burned completely))
Earth 2160
Shadowrun (Yeah I know it's a Pen n Paper but WH40K is a tabletop so ...)
Impossible Creatures
Several Resident Evil games (quite amazing how often the human populations was wiped out/turned into/eaten by zombies)

The only dates I know from my head from all those games are those of the Earth series (thats not hard to remember)
What happened:

Prototype: you should know

Assassins Creed: Everyone knows

Earth 2140: haven't had a chance to play it yet

Earth 2150: The Earth is thrown out of its path around the sun and now descends into the afore mentioned. Three superpowers which had divided the world wage total war trying to build spaceships. They escape from earth directly/indirectly to Mars (indirectly over the moon) where 2160 plays.

Earth 2160: The superpower try to gain controll over ressources and still wage war until the descend of an alien races (which is extremely powerful), they discover a "paradise" on a far away planet and try to get there.

Resident Evil .... no one doesn't know what happens there

Shadowrun: 200x (forgot the exact year) magic returns to the earth mutating a vast part of the population into demihumans (elfs, trolls, orcs and dwarves) and reawakens magic creatures most powerful of which are the dragons which soon have leading positions in the earth controlling Triple A conglomerates.

#In the grim dark future of

Freelancer: Earth wages war against Mars, Mars is winning, Earth starts 5 gigantic Hibernationships towards Sirius. 800 years later thats when the story of Freelancer plays.

X-Beyond the Frontier ... your some kinda spacepilot testing the first experimental hyperdrive in an experimental ship. The whole thing jumps a bit to far and you land in an area of space that has once been colonized by the humans but then abandoned due to them not being able to win the war against their creations the fully automatic Terraformers now calling themselves Xenon... something like that.

Impossible Creatures: late 19th early 20th century some bloke find s the laoratory of his old man who was f§$%ing around with genetic manipulation and creates crossbreeds. He is attacked by a Tigermantis (tiger+mantis), being saved and then wages war against some evil dudes using that tech to wage real wars/make money. Been ages since I played it, not sure how accurate this all is (100% of all the above written stuff is from memory...)

Keyboard apologizes for any grave grammatical and/or typographical mistake.

I-smel responds:

Thanks I'll look up some stuff for Assassin's Creed, Resident Evil, and maybe Prototype. I've already got enought Warhammer though, I don't wanna fill it with just one game.

Interesting Concept

It's well thought out. Since this seems to be a demo like you say, I cannot fathom giving full credit for it, since all it has is a scroll out. In a way a lot of them are scrunched together, I can understand how a lot of the timelines take place very closely together, but you should try and find a way where half the timeline doesn't go off the screen. Are these games from a certain company or games that you yourself like to play? Can definitely see improvements coming if you put effort into it.

I-smel responds:

These are just games I allready knew about.

And interface-wise this is basically it.

OMG please add a mute button >.<

I like the concept a lot. I would totally like to see more games added to this list. Please add a mute button tho or change the song,

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May 29, 2011
1:15 AM EDT