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Mdi - Random Shmandom

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Sorry for the bad Quality, if you're interested in MORE CARTOONS from the series check out my YouTube Channel (many insane cartoons to enjoy from, and uploading more and more).
There are currently more then 20 Episodes !!!


Search for: "MDI" or "Mr Dan Insane" on YouTube to find my channel.

Enjoy Watching and Have a wonderful Day :)

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Lots of random, not a lot of funny

I didn't really think it was funny. There seemed to be a lot of punchlines without set-up, or a lot of jokes without punchlines.

"What a beautiful day-WHOA I'M PREGNANT" is not so much a joke as it is a set-up for a possibly humorous skit, but it moves on before it does anything with the idea.

I get that it's meant to be quick humour going for shock laughs, but it was all so predictably unpredictable. What I mean is there was no time to build up audience expectation and either fulfil or subvert that expectation. A lot of humour is in surprise, but when you know what's coming (or when you have no idea what is happening ever), it's a lot less funny.

An example of fast skit humour that works (for the most part) is the Laser Collection. Each skit had the expectation of someone getting blown away by a laser, and then it riffed on that expectation.

This is just a series of non-sequiters. Some people will find that funny, but it just fell flat with me.

"Random as usual"

It's almost if Don Hertzfeldt animated a tribute to ASDFmovie.

sub-standard . ..

wait, let me finish! sub-standard artwork but i don't think that really matters when i actually laughed out my lungs... well, no. not literally. i love a good laugh and this is a fine example of humor. not the best kind, but definitely worth a watch.


good luck

Haha, so random!

This is excellent, awesome intro, figures and sweet smooth animation!
Amazing Animation, I just love it! ^.^