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Joe Finds Money

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This is a cartoon based on my comic strip, "Guinea Something Good," found at http://www.JoeGP.com (updated every weekday). It's my first animation after taking an "Intro to 2d Animation" class. It took about three months to complete. This was a completely solo project (completely).

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pretty funny! I agree with greatgamergal though, the beginning where he was in shock for finding a dollar was a bit unconvincing. But great otherwise!

Joe, you are a retard.
Emphasize the emotions with his voice a bit better next time.
Otherwise, it was GREAT!

tweak it just a little and........

The animation was amazing! just that the voice acting needs a little work. I mean, EMPHASIZE! I never really caught on to the despair and joys of becoming a sudden millionaire. The story line didn't catch my interest that much either, how were you supposed to know that the hamster had been a slacker or a lazybum with a capital "L"? My suggestions are:
1. Work on the emotion of the main character. You've got to feel his joy then despair yourself.
2. Add a little beginning story or something to show us what kind of hamster he is or was. For example, go back in time a bit in your story and show us younger joe and his goals. Have they changed or maintained?, or have him in your hamster community doing a tradition when the full grown hamsters leave the nest. that tradition should be something like asking what they want to be.
Then Joe (when his turn comes.) says he wants to be a millionaire without having to do anything. The community laughs and mocks him making him embarassed and mad. THEN, lead into the story you've made any way you like.

I'm not saying the animation is awful. I'm just saying a little improvement would make this animation go from 6 to 1 MILLION! Otherwise not bad. If you feel like I'm critisizing then do whatever you want with this animation, I'm not forcing you to make changes. Either way it's TERRIFIC! GREAT JOB ;)


freakin' drama queen.


dang that girbul hase probloms

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3.90 / 5.00

May 27, 2011
11:34 PM EDT