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Hoya's Training Lesson 1

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The Ads are here to annoy the shit out of you, and to support our efforts with its shitty pennies :D YAY! What ever you do, don't click the Ad's, you know you aren't buying anything >.>

I made this short flash in tribute to a beginner animator who we're helping improve at Stickpage.com. Is not funny at all, but since i worked on it, I'm sharing it with you guys to critique the shit out of it YAY :D

Fun Facts:
30 FPS
1040 Frames
20 Layers
31 Library Items
about 6-8 hours of work i believe o.O not sure.

Voices, ..... Me lol

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Good short.

I personally see the making of a nice stick series if you were to venture that direction. On another note, Moderately educational.

For what I've rated it: 9/10

-1 for feeling somewhat incomplete as far as animation wise. Would've been nice to see red stick go into action a little more. However, being as it is a short tribute I feel moderately like a jerk taking 1 point for just that. What I mean to say is that it should be a 9.6/10

My reason behind such a high rating is for it's length it is reaching its intended purpose, is well animated and made me laugh. The red stick saying WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUCCKK?! Was just too much after Link-esque sounds, I asploded with a giggle.

raremasta responds:

lol, thanks dude. I thought it would be funny if what i wanted to tell him was animated rather than written on the forums ^.^