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Hello there!
I've been here for quite a while, but still learning a few things so bear with me if you can ^^

I'll get right to the chase.
This is the opening segment of my up-and-coming Sonic Element series.
I had hoped that something like this wouldn't be my first submission here but I'm kinda lost in options and I needed to see for myself about a few things.

I understand there's a severe crackdown on sprite animations, one I do actually respect - considering what's been seen here. However I'm looking for a more serious audience and I could use the critique, if any, and hope for this place to be my Flash Gallery, leaving DeviantArt as my art gallery.

Occasional I wanted to be the first to debut SatAm characters in a flash but apparently SonicGX has beaten me to it. (I had however used to help with the spriting in the series but that's no longer the case)

So, have a watch and enjoy~

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I would definitely watch the series! I hope you're still working on it (and reading these comments!).

Did you create your own SatAM sprites? They're the most true to the series (Season 1 anyway) that I've seen so far. Rotor's even the right color! :) And the "extras" look great too.

Anyway, good luck in this or any future endeavors!