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Hello there!
I've been here for quite a while, but still learning a few things so bear with me if you can ^^

I'll get right to the chase.
This is the opening segment of my up-and-coming Sonic Element series.
I had hoped that something like this wouldn't be my first submission here but I'm kinda lost in options and I needed to see for myself about a few things.

I understand there's a severe crackdown on sprite animations, one I do actually respect - considering what's been seen here. However I'm looking for a more serious audience and I could use the critique, if any, and hope for this place to be my Flash Gallery, leaving DeviantArt as my art gallery.

Occasional I wanted to be the first to debut SatAm characters in a flash but apparently SonicGX has beaten me to it. (I had however used to help with the spriting in the series but that's no longer the case)

So, have a watch and enjoy~

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I would definitely watch the series! I hope you're still working on it (and reading these comments!).

Did you create your own SatAM sprites? They're the most true to the series (Season 1 anyway) that I've seen so far. Rotor's even the right color! :) And the "extras" look great too.

Anyway, good luck in this or any future endeavors!


The Sonic Team is helping you?

RaccoonShinobi responds:

Did I say that? ^^;?
Was just crediting SonicTeam for Sonic in general. They DID create him after all.




Now this is something worth watching. The animation quality was great. The only thing I can really fault you for is the lack of voice acting. But all in all, this was a good flash. I hope to see more like this from you.

RaccoonShinobi responds:

Well, I try my best - that's what matters the most.
Beginning might change slightly when the whole thing's finished.

Actual voice-acting or voice clips?
Either way, I'm looking for mob/riot screaming for the first scene, the sounds only just doesn't cut it.

Sonic and others will have voice clips from the Sonic games plus voices similar to the SatAM cast from other games or tv shows.

I'll try to have some real voice-acting for certain scenes/characters.
One thing at a time though; it may not happen for a while.

Regardless, thanks for your review and hope to really wow you next time.

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May 23, 2011
10:38 AM EDT