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Why the world didn't end

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I was working on a parody of Man vs. Wild for my youtube channel, this parody supposed to be about how to survive the end of the world. As a final joke I wanted to have there this, but at the end I decided to make ti stand alone animation so the message can be more clear on its own.

It is not that much of an animation, the only thing I've done here was lipsyncing and that was my first proper lipsyncing ever.

Also I think it is pretty obvious that I'm an atheist, but I don't see a reason why any Christian should be upset by this, because let's face it, there is nothing against Christianity or God or Jesus, everything that I'm pointing here is in the Bible, I read this book many times, but if you don't believe me check it.

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First off, let me say that I am a Christian, and I found nothing offensive in this. It was pretty funny, but nothing really jumped out at me as hysterical. Also, I wouldn't say the animation was awful, but it could have been done more neatly. But, since this was put together starting around 6:01 EST at the earliest, I give the artist credit for doing it that quick. I am sure that with more practice, and especially more time to work on this, you could become a pretty good animator.