S.W.A.T - Episode 1

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SWAT created by FregosoMedia
By: Jorge Reyes Fregoso
Music: Tomorrow by SR-71
Edition: Luis Fregoso

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Not bad. but the fps is broken man, and in the next time, english plx.


Yup. He's right, it was a good start, but I dont think u should have rated it so low. I could notice more pros than the ones you described. Here's my list of Pros and Cons:


- Good animation, actually from Swat stuffs that I found around here, the better one;
- If this was your first try ever on this, very good work, with storyline and stuff;
- Besides good animation, also it was very enjoyable to watch.


- Bad graphics. I know that it was you first try ever, but the graphics really werent promising, tough that even with the bad graphics, it was very enjoyable to watch due the animation;
- A lot of people (personally me) don't understand quite a much from Spanish, so next time make it English;
- Try to next time make the weapons graphics a little bit more realistic;
- Make it with human characters, not sticks. In my opinion sticks fails a SWAT animation;
- Also, next time, dont put this kind of back-ground music. When things are calm, without suspects near, but at the sametime tense, put a calm, but at sametime, dramatic music in back-ground. When things are really hectic, with lot of action, put a very noisly music, with action touch.

I see a very promising future on you, so please, keep your animations up, always try to improve, and dont give up from Ep. 2. And here's a tip for the back-ground musics: Get the ones from SWAT 4, they would let the animation more catching, and keep our atentation at it, in my opinion, music is one of the most important things on an animation, but u gotta know which music or tone to use on an animation on each moment. Search a lot for tones and musics on the internet, and you'll see how you'll get better reviews of people, because the choose of music's really important for the flash, so keep it up.


IT IS AWESOME, but it could have been English not Spanish

FregosoMedia responds:

yea im working on that bro thanks :)

OMGNEEDSDETAIL mixed wit more animating or design

in the last month ive been thinking about S.W.A.T. people and a team with a bad ass riot sheild GUY and shit... but i havent phyically drawn them
yET but...You should either draw more detailed figures or animate more cuz the ideas ther

FregosoMedia responds:

appreciate man tx


it was good but not quite the swat team should have looked like a gign troop and also ther should have been a red,blue,and gold team 2 reds 2 blues and 1 gold great vid though :D have fun improvising

FregosoMedia responds:


Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

May 22, 2011
3:38 PM EDT