DM Madness ep 1 : Robbed

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This is my first attempt at madness, and like my other stuff, it's a short, but the next episode will be much longer, so what do you think?
BTW: this is my first attempt at madness, no practice, no tutorials, I just gave it a shot


YEAH!!!!! I got a 2 rating on this, my other stuff was only at like 1.5 or 1.9, thanks newgrounds! :)



OOOOOOOH SHIT, waht's gonna happen?
can't wait for the next, 1, although i hope you improve the quality/smoothness, and movement stuff

It Was Fine

First off, i know that the people of newgrounds will be rough on you, but you show much potential.

On thing though, try not to make everything the same speed, sometimes you need to speed up movements that you would do fast in real life, like when he pulls the shotgun out to shoot with it, he wouldn't slowly drag it out, he would pull it forward quickly and pull the trigger.

Work on speeds and such, and you'll go far.

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Nice Try.

That was bad. but truly i can barely even work with flash, so i shouldn't be saying anything. but why haters hatin' on you? like you said, there IS worse.

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Dan12905 responds:

at least 1 person gets it! :)


The most disgusting video i've seen!!

Dan12905 responds:

then you need to look around newgrounds more, cause there is a lot more shitty stuff than my madness test

its okay but..

too short n action the only reason i even like it is cuz its madness

Dan12905 responds:

like the description says, this was just a test to see if I am even any good at Madness, but the next episode will have a lot more killing

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2.78 / 5.00

May 21, 2011
12:56 AM EDT