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Kwing's Anim Practice 01

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Less than four seconds, but I really like how it turned out anyway. Please don't complain about the length. :)

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Nice and smooth throuhgout.
Fast enough for a stick figure fight, which is what most people get wrong, but you made it fast and slow enough to follow.
Would love to see some stand alone scene abit longer than this one. I hope this will happen as this is a 'practice'.

Well done,

Kwing responds:

Thanks, thus far Blades is the only really decent animation I've done.


It's not bad, but there isn't enough of anything for it to be called good either. I'm trying to figure out what the punch noise is between when he knocks down the first guy and starts on the second guy.

Kwing responds:

Okay. :F


too short but good... id love to see it evolve into something bigger ... maybe a guy who has some sort of plasma weapon which he can change at will to combat both meelee and ranged battle situations... maybe the enemy has a similiar weapon or something i dont know im just throwing out suggestions for a storyline for anyone who needs em... if this evolves into something larger or more impressive then that would earn the full ten easily.. but since it says in the title that this is just practice i cant expect too much 9/10

Kwing responds:

Yeah, I'm rusty as fuck with animation and I'm just trying to get back in the groove. I'll probably start doing more RHG battles when I have time... As for now, Diablo PSP and Moovlin PC 2 are going to be taking up too much time.

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3.45 / 5.00

May 20, 2011
12:43 AM EDT