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The Classic Pong

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This is my first game, so I started with the classic game Pong. I spend one week making this game. I chose Pong because I found easy to apply my knowledge at this kind of game. I'm not very experient at making games yet, but the result was satisfatory for me in my first project. Hope you enjoy it! =)

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nice try , but the classic pong does not have those graphics

complete waste of space

pong's nearly 40 years old. while this might have been new and exciting in the early 70's, this is 2011, and it isn't. there's literally dozens of similar games on the portal like this that have been there for a decade, this adds nothing to anything. it works, but that's about the only redeeming feature. come up with something new next time.


It was a little too much the same but else: pretty good.
My highscore was 29

Pong is a terrible game.

There's a reason Pong hasn't been re-worked and re-released as a studio game: it kind of sucks. It may have been super fun back in the day, but we've developed past it and our standards have become higher as a result. Had this been an "accurate recreation" (i.e. original graphics, similar movement to the original, etc.) I might have gone easier on it for aesthetic value, but you just implemented the core engine with basic shapes for graphics. Hit-testing was a little off, as well. I understand that this is your first game, but you really need to come up with an original idea (or at least re-make a better game) to get a good review from me.


very good, even that is your first game
it would be nice to add music or sound efects, BUT
since is your first time i wont discount any points