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The Telescope

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Hey there Newgrounds, it sure has been a while since I uploaded anything substantial.

This is the tale of a young child and his imagination, based on the characters Allen and Merve created by my friend Jim Hort around 5 or 6 years ago when we were both in High School. I always liked the characters and wanted to tell some sort of origin story for the pair. Any meaning deeper then that you can decide for yourself.

This film was started over 2 years ago, first as a music video for a band, then after that fell apart it very much became its own thing. During the production of this film I have changed home 3 times, jobs twice, and god knows what other madness. I never want to take this long to complete anything ever again.

Heres hoping this film gets my butt back into gear and back on track with my film making.

Edit: Thanks for the front page Tom and Company <3

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love your style and the enviroment, its pretty original.
keep up the good work.


i love the music x3


This movie has a very unique and weird style to it. Keep it up!


keep doing itt

good job

I loved how the world changes through the eyes of the child...its so sad to see him look at his own home and see the evil dragon/mom....i think u did an excellent job in conveying a message that more people need to see...and without any dialogue too! Great story-telling....great job!

Gerkinman responds:

I thought I did an okay job telling that story but its quite evident that it went over quite a few peoples heads, I might have to dumb down my next film a bit I think.