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Well guys, after a year of inactivity, i is back....though i know none of you care :D



btw wich one are you?


To be completely honest... I LOVE "Trolls" and the "Art of".
(This is not a troll comment.)

I'm gonna give you a 1 because that's no more than you deserve. :T Sorry to break it to you man, but I could have gotten the same entertainment I got from this video if I typed "Funny pictures" in google. (Which we all know is NOT the way you find some of the funniest content of our awesome internet.)

You simply added some music to a slide-show and took credit for other folk's brain-work.

And I came to this conclusion at about 10 or 15 seconds into this submission when I saw the picture that stated merely "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID". (Quite possibly the most frequently heard expression in the world, depending on how witty your friends are.)

This just wasn't cutting it for me.

However I liked the "Game Over" at the end. But it wasn't enough to raise your score to a 2.

Word up.

Dr0ctagonapus responds:

Notice that the pictures are moving in a particular way and that theres names under them...could it be theyre having a conversation?! Naw, that cant be possible


Looks like you just googled a bunch of stupid images and threw them together with some okay music. This isn't really animation. It's alright.

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Nice, love the music for some reason

Really nice comments, hilarious. I liked the one especially where you were like "Bullshit, I can still smell" and what looked like a picture of Charlie Sheen.
I don't know why, because I usually don't really like this kind of music, but with this movie it really goes well. I guess either it's catchy or it just fits.. Great job man this deserves a lot.
I also loved the baby with a sadface with the caption "it's not fair"
And the picture of the bird as a urinal, it's like one of those illusions such as the old lady and young lady where you see one, but then you have to strain your eyes to see the other (kind of, not exactly to as an extreme extent as the illusion, but getting there). I guess there's not much room for improvement, other than more pictures, because I love your humor.

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2.19 / 5.00

May 15, 2011
8:52 PM EDT