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People Who _____ GameStop

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Sorry about the lack of audio. Flash 8 was screwing around and audio wouldn't stay there. Also, I am sorry for the shortness. Again, Flash 8 messed up and kept on freezing when I tried to add more. I am sorry and I will try to EDIT it.
*EDIT*I finally added some pretty terrible audio, courtesy of FlashKit, and I also added some shading.

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Decent, I guess.

Well, it's not exactly funny, but it was worth watching.
Audio is required to get a decent score, sorry. You should add some as soon as you can!
Another thing is that the movie moves a little slow. But the joke is kinda funny, not especially. This is pretty decent for a short flash.
At the end I was totally confused.
And it's funny because they just pull out that gun from what, probably halo, and pwn the burglar. lol...

Don't forget:

People, who go to game stop, have, in my humble opinion, too much money.
The games these days are anyways all the same of the same. And GS totally broke kongregate; that one hasn't been the same, since they sold it...

Well, the flash looks pretty good. The humour is not. But perhaps I'm getting too old for Newgrounds? ;3
I wish You very much fun with the solving of Your issues. (This was totally sarcastic! I know what a tedious fuck it can be, to find a tiny bug seemingly nobody else has and then, after a day of totally fruitlessness, You find it in really short proximity of Your nose. (Or not...) Anyways; Good Luck!)


I like the animation. The lack of sound does take a lot away but I like it. I go to Gamestop A LOT. This makes me think that you work there or know someone that does. Just add the audio as soon as you can!

O.K., but...

If you made it longer, and fixed the audio thingie, it'd be way better. The idea is slightly mediocre, but could be improved by adding variation.


it was okay but could be better if you add sounds

Credits & Info

4.30 / 5.00

May 15, 2011
6:20 PM EDT