Slush Invaders

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*Update* Slush Invaders Game is done! Play here:

A tribute to my fellow hall mates and friends at VT.

Each character has an ability tailored to their interests, try to figure out the video games we all play.
Pretty big project (~30 different characters) and 4 months to finish.
Although it has some inside jokes there's plenty of action to follow. Enjoy!

Youtube link :

Check out a Slush Invaders 2 Preview:

edit: Thanks for all the great reviews, I read each one of em! The guys back at the dorm are excited to be a part of your enjoyment.

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Me when I'm a child: so cool so cool so cool so cool

Has always been one of the BEST stickman animations ever.

imagine being that one peroson who remembers all of the chartertes names


Me when I watched this back when I was little: Holy crap this animation is god tier
Me watching it now: Holy crap this animation is god tier