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Return of the Bed Bugs

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If you don't sleep too good at night you probably shouldn't watch this film.

From the warped minds of MacPherson and Christie comes this animation to accompany the beats and spoken word of Poet & the Loops. The 2012 Olympics are amost upon us, and our young friend Fubzey is fearing an influx of olympian bed bugs, the likes of which have never been seen before in dear old blighty.

The bed bugs are coming, they're marching up the streets, they're hiding in your bedrooms and hiding in your sheets.,

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ew kinda gross

Very amusing great idea here

Hey so while it was loading i like your menu page welldone with great chaaracters and funky text thats how it should be done anyways props to you on that part, and now for the film, great {VIEW-SHOTS} the animation along with the {MUSIC} really seemed to flow well right from the start, so nice job there, lol i love the whole {VOTING} type of feel you gave it, it was like a music video but very amusing indeed, especially at the end when he wakes up lol, anyways great stuff.

I think at the end you should show him looking at his legs and see if anything really happened at all lol

A good little toon well put together, nice job.


Bed bugs...

I've never really saw any problem with bedbugs because they can't really spread disease and weren't really a threat to me in the past...until now.
Goddamn bedbugs have made me a feasting ground and I can relate to this video so much. Haven't been able to sleep for weeks. No idea how I think I feel that they're crawling all over your skin and you scratch and slap with no success.
I think I can rest easy now that I know that there are bedbug assassins to take themselves out. Bastards are like the plague.


Can't say I necessarily enjoyed the song but that wasn't really the point of this. The storyline is so bizarre that you have to credit the originality. The animation was spot on as well. Creepy to think bed bugs use our legs as olympic size swimming pools.

Now That!!!! thats just nasty!!!!!!!!!!!

THe freaking swimming pool in the leg!!!!!!!1 O.O

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May 11, 2011
9:46 AM EDT
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