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The Sugar Claws: II-VII

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Author Comments


The second chapter of my new comic, you can read the first one here:

If you like this you should also checkout "CoolJaw: Dreaming Darkly", a link to it can be found at the end of this issue.

Chapter three should be out by the beginning of June! (hopefully)

As always I respond to all reviews eventually.

If you would like to receive a P.M. when I release the next chapter add me to

you're favorite authors list.


- Celx

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Nice writing

Hmm, the buildup is quite nice, but a little short, even for some sort of comic book, as you style them - I think that you could double the number of panels and not have it being too long. The size is not a problem, allowing for you to expand the piece, without adversely affecting it all.

The writing has never been a problem for all of your pieces and you're fully capable of taking this from strength to strength. I love the colour scheme that you've used and with the way that it's panned out, I can see myself getting into the tale. Perhaps a little bit more would be a nice way to take it, as opposed to her coming home, going almost straight to bed and not really engaging much, allowing us to get attached to the character.

I wouldn't have been swearing at her if I was a parent or guardian, but perhaps that's a dynamic there that needs to be explored in future episodes? You've certainly made him a sinister character though and I'm curious about him.

[Review Request Club]

Celx-Requin responds:

Yeah the story is significantly shorter/tighter than "Cooljaw", part of this is because the art takes longer to do, and the other part is because I feel the narrative is stronger.

Hopefully as the story unfolds people will be able to get a better feel for the characters, and the world they inhabit.

All I will say is by the end of the comic people will hate me, and I will be ostracized from my circle of friends should they ever read it...

- Celx

Plot is really nice

I find Maple's story odd, but interesting. I like the fact it isn't too stereotypical and the story isn't driven to be either Alice in Wonderland or Twilight with her dreams.

The artwork is really unique to me, it speaks to me in a way. The only thing I'd want you to change is the text, it's hard to read(with glasses on, I'm as blind as a bat).

Good work, I look forward to watching/reading the rest =D

Review Request Club

Celx-Requin responds:

Cool I hope you do!

- Celx

Still good so far

Also kind of funny how it covers five chapters here. Enjoyed the speech bubbles since I read them well. As for the extra fancy hand writing it took me a moment or two to read a few of the words but I was able to read them quite well anyways.

The storyline seems strange but good still. She gets a home in her new area and her father seems a bit mean but nice. Funny how that plant is called a cat too. Different name for things I suppose.

The drawings were nicely detailed. As usual I still enjoyed the minimal use of colors and simply sticking to shades and tints of one color to paint the characters and things in this series.

Overall, good work here.

Celx-Requin responds:

Working with color is difficult :(

- Celx

Story unfolds

The story slowly unfolds. I have told you this before, but I will happily tell it again: Your way of storytelling is very good. You just seem to find the right pace to tell your stories. Not too fast, but not too slow so that I get bored either. I always have a feeling of "I HAVE to know how this story continues!" if I read through the chapters.

In this chapter I liked the combination of the pink and the blue colours. They went along very well together and it created some very nice effects. I may have some interpretation of why some characters are in blue while others are in pink, but I'm not too sure yet, so I won't tell it, lol. :P

Anyway, some similarities to the story of Alice in Wonderland cannot be denied. The dream world, the cat... but as I happen to like Alice in Wonderland I am glad to see those similarities.

{ Review Request Club }

Celx-Requin responds:

New chapter should be out soon :3

There are some reasons behind the color decisions I made, but I think my work is better when people read it and intake the visual aesthetic on a subconscious level.

- Celx

Not bad

The art style was interesting, and it looked pretty good overall, but it was a little bit simple, try adding some shading and details to your stuff, it adds a lot more than you might think. . .
The button in the right hand corner was a little hard to see, it took me a minute to find it. . .

The story itself was pretty interesting, and I'm looking forward to more of this.
The choice of song was pretty good and it went along with the mood and feeling of the song and story.

The font in you dialog boxes was a bit difficult to read, and if I can't read the story how can I follow it, it needs to be a bit more legible. . .

Overall very nice!


<Review Request Club>

Celx-Requin responds:

If I have enough time I'm gonna redo the text in the final release, as for the shading, I'm not really good with color so I think if I tried something more complex I would fuck it up. but hopefully as my skills improve so will my art.

Thanks for the review!
- Celx

Credits & Info

4.67 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2011
12:37 AM EDT