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Robotic Emergence 2

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For nearly a century robots have ruled the world, but it turns out the humans are back to take back what is theres, Earth!

Build a city of factories that create robots as you wage war against enemy cities and take over their land. Replenish the Earth by building trees and returning life.

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How to win: 1. Build large cyborg dome
2. Upgrade it
3. Win

Unlike the first game, this has many problems.
The bullets are stuck. Stop producing my factories and also when I complete the first level and go to the second, the game gets stuck and only the main menu appears, but the strange thing is that in the background the level continues to work because they are heard as robots. the opposites hit my wall

This Game is great, I like the theme and setting, but here is how I think it should have been.
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 304384

Needs a lot of work

I like the idea. The sounds and music is good and the art is fine. But the lasers or bullets would freeze on the screen, and the factories on my side would stop producing robots for a few seconds while the opposing side s factories kept going. this resulted in efectivly one sided EMPs where i had for a brief period NO robots at all. This made the game oneside and impossible to play.

It really id fun

but you NEED to work on you UI. Its bugged. i found myself getting thrown back to the main menu while the game was still playing, then finding getting the YOU LOSE screen. thier were time were id try to click a STUCTURE, then id find myself placing a FACTORY that i hadnt even unlocked yet.

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3.24 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2011
9:36 AM EDT