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Ashtray Humour

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Author Comments

Ashtray Humour pt 1-
I am very new to animation, and unfortunately I ended up having to compress my animation quite a bit so I could upload it here. This has decreased the quality rather badly, which is a massive disappointment. Not only the image quality has been decreased, the whole thing used to be a lovely green colour before.

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Sharing it!

Different style, would have liked it without the subtitles, but the audio is what sold it, for me.

Like a previous commenter, I like the saladfingers kinda of style.

Also wish you'd add a 'reply' at the end to stop it from looping. That's why I docked a 'rating star' or two. Professionalism.

But yes, keep up the good word!

Also sharing a link to this to my circle of friends, so they can experience it too.

ToliveAnimations responds:

Thanks for the review mate and for sharing it. The sequel is in the making, and should be better.


Judging from what you said to Rocket-Scientist; I suggest that you consider downgrading to an older version of Flash, such as MX (2004) if you're using CS3+ and are having technical problems. Keep that in mind when you make any more cartoons as it will save a lot of time and frustration.

In terms of graphics, it may not be the best animated thing I have seen, but the style used is fresh, which is saying quite a bit.
Sound: The music fits and so did the voices, but the latter could have been done better.
Content: It's original, and that has some merit. However, I think that your joke delivery/timing could use a bit of work. Plus, a preloader would have been nice, but I'm willing to bet that you weren't able to use one due to technical problems.

-Nice art style
-Fitting music
-Something different

-The voice acting, while not bad, could have been done better.
-Could have used a preloader, along with better joke delivery.

Overall: I'm going to be fair and give you a seven.

ToliveAnimations responds:

Thanks very much for the review. I shall bear that in mind (using older versions of flash) as I'm using the CS5 version.
If it wasn't for my major cock-ups, this would have been quite a bit longer, but it is going to be split into different parts now if I can indeed be arsed.

interesting though wierd

How can this be taking up 9.8mb of size? It does not look as if it should be that big. and if it used to have colour as well, you have definitly gone down the wrong direction somewhere. possibly in transfering or compressing this.

are you doing this straight in flash or are you transfering it from some other software into flash? that may be where your problem is.
hope you can sort this out and look forward to your future work.

ToliveAnimations responds:

Hi rocket scientist, thanks for the review.
Yes, I've definitely gone a bit off course with this. I probably should have waited until I'd figured it out before uploading it here, I was just too impatient.
This was all drawn and animated on flash, but it got to a stage where I couldn't save it because that would make it crash, so instead I went through the (time consuming, probably unnecessary) process of exporting the movie into PNG files, and then importing them into another flash. I think this is why it is so massive, and now I know why most flash newbies usually just stick to stick men.
Thanks again.

I charge a lot...

Because I'm a bull!!!

ToliveAnimations responds:

Thanks for reviewing and rating.

Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2011
5:41 AM EDT