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Link's Quest 2

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Scratch what I said before. I might continue.

In this flash's later stages. the story was putting a bad taste in my mouth. Later, in the second scene, you can tell I was just phoning it in, but since I don't like to waste time, here ya are.

Pardon the "..." loading screen. It's because I used TFL for the text. Will fix it later.

EDIT 2.80? Come on, guys. Don't leave me hanging. Tell me what I did wrong?

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Don't get down in the dumps coz people vote bad and don't say why.
Zero-bombers are EVERYWHERE.
You just need to keep going and persist with this; before you know it people all over newgrounds will be saying: "Have you seen the next episode of Link's Quest yet?".
-1st: The story in terms of plot is great; Corneria contacts Hyrule, digimon, etc, etc.
-2nd: Your animation skills have holes in them, but they are great. (Love the New Termina sign thing, it's like what they do in kingdom hearts.)
-1st: It was short for a sprite animation, despite the quality. So make it longer.
-2nd: THE BARON IS SUPPOSED TO BE ORANGE!!! Since when was he grey?!
And that's it (^_^)

Have a nice BIG COOKIE!!


Yet again you make an amazing vid! Flawless, except for the lack of the next video! The characters have personalities, the plot is intriguing, HOW THE HELL DID THIS ONLY GET 2.9???

Heroofflash responds:

I have no idea....


I thank you for making one of the coolest nintendo characters look cool!!!
( big fan of link)
You sure do have some serious skills though, thats what made it so amazing and much more!!!


I realy enjoyed this flah, you obviously have some skills when it comes to sprites. only question is why does this have such a low score? story is captivating and the sprites are awesome... and also, who doesnt love 8-bit? would be a shame if you choose not to continue.

Heroofflash responds:

I have no idea. I wish that the people who down voted me could leave why. It's not the low score I'm upset about. I can take criticism well. It upsets me that they voted down and didn't tell me what was wrong...

I crave feedback here, people!


That was really great. The story is really good and i hope you choose to continue this. I love the flow of the story and everything from the music to the graphics is perfect. i hope to see the 3rd part soon.