Jacob s.t.a.b. ep.2 part1

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this is part 1 of a 2 part episode, so enjoy

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You always have the best music in your animations.

mecagir responds:

haha thanks man glad you liked it XD

Not bad

Started out slow, but it grew on me, the art is a bit sloppy, but the animation is smooth and the writing is funny. Good Job, will look for the second part.

mecagir responds:

thanks I'm glad you think so, the art will improve a bit in the next episode and I'm glad you like the animation!

This is unusually good for its initial appearance

Soo, what's with Colin what'shisface? Other than that slightly funny cameo, good job with the slightly immature-but-still-funny jokes. Continue.

mecagir responds:

thanks, funny story behind Collin, he was initially an Easter egg, but after salvaging this flash from a virus I couldn't remake it an Easter egg. he was originally only supposed to appear if you clicked on the chair. I'm glad you enjoyed the humor, and yeah it is kinda immature but that's somewhat the point of Jacob. to get a few laughs through some admittedly immature material.


Just can't get that name right lol. Love the super jail ending. can't wait. :)

mecagir responds:

it is a tricky one :) and thanks,part two should be out soon-ish.

not funny

it seem like you're tring too hard. make the jokes a little more hidden

mecagir responds:

I appreciate your input, but this series is sort of stupid for the sake of stupid, but thank you for the advice and not being a dick about it (that's not sarcasm or anything by the way)