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Drink Driving Chaos

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This was a quick project for school. A friend of mine helped me with the making of this movie which was very fun :D. This monstrosity is the first and probably the best cartoon so far that I have uploaded to newgrounds.com so enjoy.

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Yowza, you are really cruel. But even though, it was lovely made, so you deserve good words, keep doing!


very David Firth esque style of animation you have there. Maybe you should try expanding on it? Originality goes along way after all.

It was alright, nothing brilliant, but I did enjoy the voice acting, it was nice and clear and thats good to see.

hairygiraffe responds:

Yeah I really did try to make the voice acting nice and clear but not to fast so thanks for commenting on that.


I didn't get the comedy, nor do I think there were any good jokes.
But the drawing seemed good, though it really resembles the style of fat-pie.

hairygiraffe responds:

yeah I can see how it looks a lot like fat-pie but because I am such a fan of David Firths work I think I did sort of copy his style so yeah I guess thats what I should try and work on for my next animation.

Non-existant movie is non-existant.

It does nothing. Just displays www.nose-bleed-media.com

hairygiraffe responds:

I didn't mean to make it look like that it's just that I started this new website and as you said that it really just displayed www.nose-bleed-media.com so I must have gotten carried away with displaying the website name too often so I will make a note of that for my next animations.