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Go Get 'em, Grizzly!

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Author Comments

SPACE to jump

Q: "I can't jump over the first box."
A: "Go around it. You can only jump over mud and the stuff scattered on the ground."

Q: "I got a Game Over screen. Now what?"
A: "Press X+C to go back to the title."

Q: "I pressed X+C and nothing happens."
A: "Click the screen first. Then press X+C."

Q: "WTF is that Blue Thing!?"
A: "A trampoline that you go UNDER!"

UPDATE: I Increased the screen size. That should make things less impossible. Sorry about that. Oh, and there are now two suns.

Team Skullworthy: Lambinvoker and CrazyChihuahua

Handicap: The character can not go below 80km per hour.

Completed in under 72 hours.

Please enjoy.

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hahaha its cool u can do a remake just like say NoLanLabs

Fun grizzly biking action.

Considering you only had 3 days it's really impressive. It has a lot of potential if you ever decided to remake it. What I found a little annoying was having to play the exact same level again every time I died, but this could be fixed with either checkpoints or randomizing the levels. Still, for the time constraints you had, great job, it's a lot of fun to play. I enjoyed the music and the bear's hat.


Given that your character could not go below 80km/h I guess it was a struggle to balance speed and gameplay as I found I was anticipating what would come next or just memorise the stage if I made a mistake.

One thing I did notice was that the sequence of gameplay on the first level seemed to match the music (i.e there was a pause in the beat before you had to make the first jump which made my heart pound as I carefully timed the jump) If this was intended, it was a great touch, it got me right into the game.

Overall a great effort for 72 hours work!

Lambinvoker responds:

The music stopping right at that jump was an awesome accident.

Bit of a glitch found

Hold up, press jump, continue holding up, and there you go, you can now skip the level. Due to time constraints there were bound to be some bugs, but this one was pretty major, also not every time, but sometimes when I pressed jump and up back right at the start, I would either die or go to the next level, that was a little wonky, the bear looked awesome though, and played properly, the game was pretty fun, good job.

Lambinvoker responds:

Actually you don't even have to jump to make that bug work. Yeah, chalk that up to my bad coding. Most of the other bugs including the collision problems are due to my whole level making skeme. It served its purpose but turned out to be too buggy and constrained to be worth it.

Has potential

But because your time was limited to 72 hours, you couldn't really fix all the little tweaking things that a game needs. I understand that. But if you wanted to, you could try making this game again, and put more time into it, and it would be really good.

Lambinvoker responds:

I might make a game similar to this later on. Thanks for your input.

Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2011
3:58 AM EDT