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Author Comments

It's only about a minute and a half long so please hold out 'til the end!!!

A very thirsty man wanders the desert looking for water. Fun fact: Though this man has indeed been lost in the desert for quite some time, his appearance is somewhat misleading, for his hair and beard were already pretty long to begin with, and he bought those shorts fashionably tattered.

In addition to figurative sweat and tears, I put my LITERAL blood into the making of this cartoon. While recording sound effects using a rusty bike pump, I accidentally sliced my big toe open and needed to get eleven stitches. So you'd damn well better enjoy this cartoon!

Thanks to Chris L., Kevin O., and Harrison S. for advice and help with sounds.

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I have to agree with the reviewer below me (dabproductions) about the possibility of making the scene seem 'hotter', but let me give you an actual review!

Here is what I enjoyed:

- VERY much so like your use of color. They were bright and captivating, and I especially liked how you added a slight sun-burnt tinge to the man's face. I enjoyed your use of shading as well.

-The sound was just fine for me, and didn't sound tinny. If you were to make improvements in the future, I would perhaps change the 'distance' of the voices used; for instance, he sounded exactly the same when he was far away as he did when he was up-close. Just a suggestion though, and not anything I'd subtract from the overall score! Your sound effects were nice, too.

- I enjoyed your artistic style; the man looked believable for his situation, everything matched well and you showed a distinct style. I also really loved how you included his footprints in the desert sand. Not a lot of people on Newgrounds really go through that extra effort, and it was refreshing to see such a minor (albeit appreciated) detail.

- Your animation was well-done. I really liked your close-ups, particularly after the man discovers the well and you've zoomed in on him saying 'water' -- that was perfect.

-I loved your concept! Shorts like these are nice and really easy for me to watch. The idea of having this man looking for cool, refreshing water, and getting a mouthful of salty, water-deprived pretzels was really clever of you. I like how sudden you delivered your ending, too. Not drawn out, just plain and simple. Great execution.

-I love your comments on the reviews -- nothing to do with your animation, but extremely humoring to read through!


Well, besides the sound thing I brought up (which is just for improvement and isn't really what I'd consider an 'issue'), I'd say just sharpen up on your in-betweens to make your animation smoother (it is already pretty smoooooth!), and continue developing your skills! You show a lot of promise and are already miles ahead of so many other Flashers on Newgrounds. I hope you make other shorts like these in the future, because you are good at them. I'm absolutely sure your skills will only get better and better, too. Keep at it!

Great job!

I think this was an good animation overall, and unlike mister "I rate 3 'cuz I'm cool", I had no problems with the sound. However, one thing I missed was some more lights from the sun, to give this really baking hot effect. That would have done it for me. The sun is very dull at the moment. But overall good animation. Keep it up!

TimeWasted responds:

Thank you for the thoughtful and actually USEFUL review. You are one of the few reviewers with criticism as an element of your comment who actually gave useful criticism. You might even be the only one with a useful and not stupid suggestion....

That was pretty funny

What can I say...hmmmm. Sound, it was a bit tinny and off-time. Other than that, great job buddy.

It coulda been worse.

I mean, I wouldn't say no to a delicious batch of pretzles available from the tap. Either way this animation had me smiling. :)

poor guy

I'm not gonna say what I thought the hydrant was actually going to be but that's definitely on the top 10 list of worst case scenarios :p

Credits & Info

4.38 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2011
2:07 AM EDT