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The Harvard Police

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Where ever incorrect grammar is used the Harvard Police will save the day!


Gotta say...not bad at all.

Animation; 7 / 10
Audio; 2 / 10
Content; 7 / 10

Okay! Animation was actually not bad at all! It was fairly smooth and you did lipsyncing! Yaaay! Well done in that respect! Audio is your biggest problem in this animation, I would seriously consider getting a better mic! If you are planning to continue making animations like this you should invest in a better mic. Content was very clever I thought so I don't think you will have any future problems with creating funny or clever content.

Please, please, please get a better mic! If you do that I am certain that you will be producing much better animations. Do keep up the good work!

All in all; 5 / 10

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watchable but not great

You had the potential to make this good but the animation, audio and the fact it was just a one liner joke set you back. Why don't you just add to it and send it back, good try though.

Could've been funny

I am no animator of flash cartoons, so in all likelihood any cartoon will be invariably better than any I might make now. My sole complaint with this has to do with the vocals...they were unintelligible to me, meaning they were blurred beyond the comprehension of these mortal ears. I wish you the peace, the love, and all the cheeseburgers and...happy ghoo0oostmas day.

Good idea

But your voice acting is horrendous. I advise finding someone to voice for you who isn't a rank amateur and trying this again. You have potential, just a potential that involves writing and animating for someone who can properly convey your script.

improve the audio

you should improve the audio i can barely understand a word of what they talk
also you should improve the character`s illustration they look a bit out of form
specially whit the arm of the guy holding the board

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Credits & Info

2.45 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2011
12:52 AM EDT
Comedy - Original