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Bio-Metal Episode 02

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Author Comments

Cyphid Studios' First series. Bio-Metal is created by Kevin Hana. Please check back for more episodes in the future!

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Here's what I think.

While I am all for original content on Newgrounds, this is in need of major improvements.

When it comes to the art and animation, both this and the previous episode have a nice style akin to a newspaper comic. However, aside from the hands, the character animation was stiff and lifeless aside from the lip sync. I would recommend that you study animation layouts and frame-by-frame for a bit. On the other hand, I am very appreciative of somebody who in-betweens the lip sync. Soundwise, the sound effects weren't great, but got the point across. Unfortunately, the voice acting needs some emotion behind those lines; might I suggest that you get a voice director. That, and the voices didn't sync up to the mouth flaps. Plus, some background music would be nice. Then there's the content, while original, is nothing to recommend to one's friends. Sure there's some interesting shots, but the agonizingly slow pace hurt what could have been something top notch. Therefore, I would also recommend that you team up with a co-director/co-writer.

What I like:
-Interesting premise
-Neat art style
-Something different
-Fitting sound effects
-Nice angle selection

What I don't like:
-Poor pacing
-Bad voice acting
-Slapdash script
-Could have used some music.

Overall: This may be a bit abrasive, but I thought that it was needed. Here's a six and hopefully you'll take my advice.

They are both very good.

They are both good, but you should probably have put them togather they are little short to have to click on the next on.I gave you a 5/5 though for both, but good animations mostly get 0's because most people just wanna get out thier vote for the day, so they just click it and give it a zero.

But very good.

same thing

same thing as for the first part, I like it but the hands keep distracting me when you show his whole body or when he´s walking. I don´t know if it´s my computer or what but the voices and the lips seemed a bit out of sync to me. Like it

Credits & Info

2.00 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2011
4:12 AM EDT