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Switch is my animation for my Digital Visual Narrative uni project.
It is based around the message of using energy saving light bulbs.

The animation is assessed based on the following criteria:
1. Use of Animation principles (15%)
2. Posing (10%)
3. Acting and emotion (10%)
4. Timing and pacing (10%)
5. Sound/music (5%)
6. Overall film and the message (10%)

See the whole process at my website:



i kinda like it halfway

but hey, i like it


why do you find it necessary to plaugue newgrounds with this environmental crap global warming is a myth the earth is just heating up like it has since the beginning but no you annoying hippies have to protest all of this stuff claiming that it's bad for the environment. BLASTIC BAGS AND BOTTLES are bad so why can't you idiots at least whitch bags back to being paper and bottles back to being glass. also it's been proven that scientists have been falsifying information to make global warming seem worst than it really is so good day sir and go hump a tree

FU5ION responds:

First of all, I'd like you to grab an English dictionary and learn how to spell.

Secondly, it was a uni project, it had to have a meaning. If you could read, you would have seen, "Overall film and the MESSAGE".

So next time, instead of flaming my animation with bad spelling, grammar and rating, how about providing some constructive feedback on the actual animation.


not a whole lot was going on in the animation. only entertaining part was when the cat fell through the doggie door. On top of that, yeah the bulbs save energy, but they also contain mercury. Be careful when disposing of them

Explain this

Why when he's in a kitchen would there be so much sound from the outside, also the SIM BUILDING SONG (as said before), made me jizz from the memories

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that was good! :) I really liked your music choices.

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3.51 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2011
11:50 AM EDT