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The Hamster Game

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Author Comments

Use arrows to move and space to shoot
This is my first game, I will probably update it later.
Constructive criticism appreciated!

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WTB instructions

failed 7times before i figured out howto shoot.

Has potential =)

It's good as it is but it has the potential to be expanded :)
From a brief overview I thought of a way which you could do it.

- Create different level fish and give them their own health bars.
- Instead of rewarding with points, reward money and design a shop.
- In the shop give them different boats, guns and power ups.
- As the level of the boat increases you can provide different rates of speed and defense
- As the levels of fish increase, increase their damage and reduce their encounter rate.
- As the levels of the weapons increase, increase the damage they do and possibly implement special attacks.

It's pretty good for a basic game and these are just a few pointers if you ever wanted to expand / redo it =P

Depends on what you're going for

If you were going for something outstanding, more color, some variety in the fish and perhaps the cannons; an upgrade system maybe?

If you're doing something simple, stick in a background, add some borders, change the music, little things.

Also, moar hamsters! Isn't this the hamster game?


First of all, I have know idea how to play this game. Do I have to collect fish? If so, then why do I die when I collect the fish? Also, that bass in the music is WAY too loud, you should turn it down a little.

Captain Constructive, Awayyy!

- Could use a preloader

- Should have a title screen "click to play"

- There aren't any instructions on how to play in the Flash itself, so if someone happens to miss the description, they won't know how your game works.

- There are no character interaction animations or sound effects to show that shooting the fish is good, and letting them fall on you is bad. (i.e: you could play a crashing noise to imply that your boat is getting damaged when the fish fall on you)

Hope that doesn't sound too mean, I'm just listing off the things that I think would make the game better. c:>