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Triangle wars: episode I

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Enjoy the colorful battle between hordes of bullet spitting triangles.

Turn - left & right arrow keys
Fire - space
Boost - up key

Upgrade first:

Flaming trail

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well it kept me entertained for 44 lvls XD
i liked it at start, but it got to easy and a little bit boring just spinning around ^_^

well done :)

awesome game!

great game but 2 things 1) the song doesnt loop
2) not enough variety both with upgrades and enemies
if ya could find a fix for both of these PLEASE do so! o and agreed with below only i got it by level 10 basicly you can just spin around in a circle and shoot stuff give the enemies some HP too you dont have to show it but make them take more than one hit please other than hat stuff great game!

good start

Needs some refinement, the game actually gets easier as you progress through the upgrades, scale down the upgrades or make them cost more in order to progress in difficulty... the way it is levels 40+ you just have to spin and shoot and no damage will ever get done to you.

I did like how the bonus rewards never change and are still acquired even when your upgraded ship is better, so something that used to give you an advantage later gives the disadvantage, probably unintentional, yet clever in a sense.

Overall, good start!


Dude, the gameplay on this thing is amazing. A bit difficult, but still amazing.

Addicting as hell

Got me hooked for a little bit