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A short animation about the joy of mornings!


Short and sweet!

This is why I hate shaving too.

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Needs work

I am not saying this is bad or anything but it just seems to be missing a few things is all. First it needs a preloader, mostly so people can click play when they are ready to view it right off the bat and then after it ends, on the same frames that say fin you should add a replay button which takes them back to the frame where the animation started up at.

The music seemed rather fitting since this seemed to be peaceful yet random at the end as well. He seemed to do an alright job of shaving but like him I also dislike whenever I find out I cut myself open shaving, sometimes it just feels like a pain shaving and I might go two weeks without doing so before shaving again or I might shave every few nights. Just depends on the mood I guess.

Could also make it a bit longer such as showing him going into the bathroom before his head falls off for no reason. Minimal voice acting seemed ok I guess. Could have said something dramatic when he gushed out the blood though.

Overall, just work on some of the things I noted and you should be just fine.

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2.08 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2011
6:16 PM EDT
Comedy - Original