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MvC3: Dante

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In this rejected commercial, Dante explains why you should buy a copy of Mar-- er-- what, sh-- uh-- hey but i-- uhh--


Sorry we're late to the party!
No just kidding, we're remorseless.

But thanks for front page!!


I really didn't WANT to, but if other people are gonna keep putting this on YouTube then I might as well do it myself, so HERE IT IS,

It honestly looks and sounds better on Newgrounds though, hurr hurr


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that stare at the end tho
she goes “what are you looking at >:T”
i think (dont hate me ladys) thats how most women react when us guys just stare in the distance when we’re distracted

My favorite fighting game


lmao waay why just why i love it

I gotta be brutally honest here... This one, Is on par as my favorite of these with The Ironman one by JohnnyUtah. I especially like the Ending part with the different voices with the super fun time part. :D