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Reviews for "MvC3: Dante"

Akuma with a kissy face.. Must you torment me with such a great mental image without animating it!?
Redminus and Caxx have to be one of the greatest duos ever to grace the internet. I'll be sucking my thumb in the fetal position until your next upload. Seriously, can anyone even give this less than a perfect score?

I had trouble with audio at first, but I right clicked, checked and unchecked play and it worked for me after that. No idea how or why that worked but, glad it did. This flash is epic. Caxx and redminus make a great duo, always impressive. This is professional grade animation and voice work.

you guys should've done a flash collab for all of this

There was audio for me.
It was great!

There was audio.
I give it 5 stars to compensate for below. And for the comedy. And the art. and the...well you get the idea.
Good job!