[L*] Milk Store Part 1

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Hi sory bad englij i make this flash hope you enjoy movie.

Thank you very alot.

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The animation for the opening creds were tight, but...wtf? Seriously. It might be funny if I could read kanji.

A few minutes of my life, I'm never having back...

Mainly as you seemed to have wasted all your time, effort, and what appears to be motivation on a preloader....

Which, to be fair, was pretty good...

It's a shame really.....

If your group would show as much enthusiasm into making a the flash's story/plot as you do in making the pre-loader and opening sequence I'm sure you could actually come up with something worthwhile. I mean I see potential as you have demonstrated your ability to make a catchy opener, if you guys would only try harder and put some more substance into the actual flash it is possible that you could become a more popular group. Alternatively if you continue the way that you are going you will just die out and get a bad reputation as many groups have before you.......


That was pretty random. How exactly did james mccloud fit in to this?

Good Intro, bad movie

At first, I was like: This gonna be good!! :D
After the intro: :|
At the end: %u0CA0_%u0CA0

1/5 2/10, because of the intro movie... that's it