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i miss you!

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made this for you :)


At the risk of sounding really Sappy...

Awww.... :)

Normally I'd go over what was good and how you can improve, but Scotty covered all of that, so...

Awwww.... :D

ddavidd356 responds:

thank you :D

Good basics

It's good that you are keyframe animating, it takes a lot more effort and patience and generally pays off BUT just now you're lacking the basics, have a look around for any guides on the 12 Basic Principles of Animation and try to practice and learn from them.

You could have tried a bit harder with the message bits, actually design the lettering, lay it out neater and, as someone mentioned before, show it longer. Rather than it just being writing it could add to the overall animation.

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ddavidd356 responds:

recently i have been watching a lot more on animation :P when i made this all i had was a basic grasp of animation, and i knew a little about keyframing :P and next animation i do should come out a lot better :) i'll try adding in some background and maybe music if i can figure it out X) but thatnk you for the help :D

sweet and all

i dont think anyone should interfere between this flash and who it was meant for <3

ddavidd356 responds:

thank you :D this is one of my first flash animations :P glad it actually made it through and is on :) and i hope she likes it haha

really nice but not good enough

the words go by too quickly

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ddavidd356 responds:

thanks! and i will work on it, mentioned in the other response, this is one of my first so hopefully i will start getting better at it :)

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Mar 30, 2011
5:21 AM EDT